Lessons learned from our hols

We are just back after a week’s holiday up North and in Somerset seeing lots of family and we probably had our worst time in terms of sustainability since we started the year. The holiday started off badly with both me and Mark being very under the weather and feeling sorry for ourselves – Samuel was fit and healthy though! On a positive note Mark bought a new reusable coffee cup at Gloucester services but it went downhill from then on. He decided to present the cup to me in the cardboard wrapping, but when asked for the coffee it was delivered in a single use cup.. dough!!!

We took our veg box to our self catering bungalow but forgot everything else so we ended at the supermarket buying toilet rolls, washing up liquid, supermarket chicken and milk in a plastic bottle – we were very annoyed with ourselves to say the least!

We went to the indoor stake park and forgot any drinks so we bought Samuel a slush puppy, grapes in a plastic cup for £1 and coffee in a disposable cup. I went to a charity shop and in my haze bought a second hand handbag for £25 – it wasn’t a designer brand – it was blooming River Island! We then went on to lose our reusable water bottle in the cinema and Mark crashed the car into a tree.

Anyway we did have a good relaxing break once we got better and know better for next time! Take the bamboo loo rolls!20180401_132514582611272.jpgimg-20180409-wa00001877355181.jpg

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