Going grey – yikes!!

So this is officially the biggest challenge for me (Jane) to date – I am going to stop dying my hair and let the grey grow through. I know you must be shocked to know that I even dye my hair but I am afraid I have been a slave to the bottle for many years. I had my first grey hair when I was about fifteen and I ended up with a Mallen streak for most of my twenties. For some of this time I was dating a guy who was prematurely grey anyway so it wasn’t a huge issue but when I was 30 and single a kind, young gentleman said he thought I looked 40 because of the grey. Fairly soon after this the dying started and has continued for the past 15 years.

About 2003

In the past year the need to dye has been more frequent as the grey has been showing through quicker than ever. Along with this I noticed how much plastic was being used in my home dye kit and it did make me think twice to see if there was another way. I looked into henna, more organic dying kits and I have finally settled on letting it all show through. I know another couple of brave people who are doing the same and I was challenged by this.

I told my hairdresser that I wanted to cut it short to get the grey through and she was hugely unsupportive!! She actually said that she disagreed 100% with growing out the grey and that I would look like a wizened old lady – mmmmm! Mark and Samuel were slightly more supportive and both of them said they would still love if i looked old…..hmmmm. I have had a wide variety of opinions since getting my hair short to show the grey – mostly surprise.

Mark has bought me a fab book about going grey gracefully and it really highlights how we / I have got into a position where women are sublimally told grey is old. When you look at men of the same age a lot are grey or bald with no pressure to dye. Did you know that the UK hair dying market is worth £83 billion per year with 75% of women dying their hair to some degree.

I am really intrigued about this subject and how it makes me feel to be grey. From a sustainable point of view there is a huge amount of hair dye going into our rivers and masses amount of single use plastic.


I just wish I hadn’t thought of this in the same year we are in the local paper and on the TV!

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  1. Good on you, Jane! I have so much admiration for the ladies fighting against the pressure to dye and instead letting the grey come through! I think a smart haircut definitely works wonders for growing out the colour. I’m in my twenties and have never dyed my hair. Everyone seems to be doing it, grey or not. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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