Thinking about our waste

After our visit to the Energy from Waste plant and learning about the waste hierarchy we have been thinking about what is out there to help us get better with our waste.


So here goes…


Since we started our journey we have made a really good start at reducing the amount of plastic we buy – glass milk bottles, veg box and so on. We are definitely not buying as much but Jane is having withdrawal symptoms from not going into her favourite shops this time of year when the sun is shining. We are updating our kitchen at the moment and doing quite a lot ourselves and we have come across Borrow Don’t Buy. It is basically a library of things where you can borrow instead of buying it. It is fairly new to Plymouth Borrow Don’t buy website . Jane went to meet the guys down there and they were great – so passionate about the project and really keen to spread the message. We have become a member and we are getting ready to make our first loan!

Marcus, Sol and Rob from Borrow Don’t Buy 


As we are trying to reduce the clutter and live minimally we are constantly finding things we just don’t want or have never even used eg. a fondue set from 1988! Most people we know donate to charity shops and we have got to know the people in our local St. Lukes charity shop. They are so willing to accept the items we take along and sometimes we are surprised they want them. Mandy, manager from our local shop says they will take things as the St. Lukes shops are all networked and if something doesn’t sell in a local shop then it goes to the warehouse and goes to another location to be sold. For example, linen doilies are big in Modbury – who knew!! They say they get loads of CDs and DVDs and there are still people want them.

Mandy and the volunteers at St. Lukes charity shop

Another fab thing we use is Freecycle where members post items they do want anymore and people usually respond and say they would like it, no money is to be exchanged hence Freecycle. We have recently put our kitchen cabinets on there as we are starting to take apart the old kitchen and Ann responded and came to collect them. She is a lovely lady who is doing up her own kitchen at the moment using the same style cabinets we were getting rid of. She was very pleased and came round to collect the cabinets and some doors – results!

Anne taking our “old” kitchen doors and cabinets

We are always of the look out for more ways to reduce and reuse so please let us know any of your tips!

Update on the worms…….I think my new worms have gone to worm heaven – the wormery flooded and they turned into snakes and have not been seen since – mmmmm 🙁


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We live in Plymouth in Devon and this Christmas 2017-8 our family has been watching Blue Planet II endlessly! Our New Year's resolution for 2018 is to take better care of our environment and to live more sustainably. We are using a blog to remember our journey and maybe share with others what we have learnt along the way.

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