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Well what a month – redundancy, death of the worms and more grey hair!

Redundancy – We have had a bit of a shock this month as Mark has been made redundant – it was out of the blue and very unexpected so it has taken a bit of adjustment to say the least. Since starting our journey of sustainability in January we have already experienced a quite a lot of changes and we have learnt that actually we don’t need as much as we thought. Both of us (not Samuel) are more finely tuned to mass marketing and think a lot more about decisions about what we are buying or at least try to!

When Mark heard the news about losing his job we sat down and went through our money and managed not to panic as much as we might have done a year ago. In some ways it has been liberating as it has allowed Mark to think about what he wants to do rather searching for the next rung on the ladder.

Mark has also done his first presentation about our year so far! He presented to about 30 colleagues at a networking event and apparently it went down well or they may have just being kind. We are open to doing more and we are working out ways to make the waste hierarchy fun entertainment!


The worms – this may be our biggest fail – we managed to drown the worms! No idea what happened but the wormery was a disaster so we are holding a remembrance service for Wilhema and friends after half term. Loads of flies have taken up residence in the wormery – fairly sure this is a bad thing. 20180522_2004351795021414.jpg

The grey hair continues to show through – I have found a new hairdresser who did a lovely cut and didn’t make me feel bad about the grey – he actually seemed quite excited about the white streak too. He recommended using silver shampoo to get the  grey coming out less yellow – yuk! I am always a bit skeptical about expensive products but it does seem that this is one of those pieces of advice that pops up everywhere so I invested a ridiculous amount of Mark’s redundancy pay into bright purple silver shampoo. I really want to say it didn’t make any difference but I was wrong – it really does work. My hair looks and feels amazing – definitely worth the money. 20180522_2005461562862047.jpg

Sustainable party bags – a simple swap! Recently Samuel was invited to his best friend’s brothers zorbing party which was great and even better as my friend, Cathy cut down on the plastic. She produced party bags in paper bags with no useless plastic trinkets that go to landfill. She also reused party decorations and used reusable cups for the drinks – easy swaps that help save the planet!

Leo and a sustainable party bag






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We live in Plymouth in Devon and this Christmas 2017-8 our family has been watching Blue Planet II endlessly! Our New Year's resolution for 2018 is to take better care of our environment and to live more sustainably. We are using a blog to remember our journey and maybe share with others what we have learnt along the way.

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