Vive la France!

As dedicated sustainability bloggers holidays don’t stop our drive to be more eco friendly….. or so we thought. Being in a foreign country in a caravan we cannot be quite as prepared as at home, then we quite frankly completely forget – well we are after all on holiday – takeaway cups, plastic straws and supermarket bags abound! However all is not lost as the French have made it much easier for us – public recycling bins on every street corner, compostible bags for the fruit and veg in the supermarket, 100% recycled shopping bags “sac vert” and reusable cups on the campsite.

English supermarkets have no excuse however much they wriggle!


Visit to the beach

Earlier in the week we made a visit to a beach further up the Atlantic coast and it was so beautiful – huge and quiet probably because it was raining! The beach was almost spotless or so we thought until we looked closer at the shells – below is a photo of an oyster shell and a piece of white plastic. The white plastic had barnacles growing on it as it had obviously been there a long time and we then started to notice other bits of rubbish including a pair of sunglasses. It was nowhere near as bad as beaches in Devon but even here small pieces of rubbish are everywhere.

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