Local heroes

Sustainable wine tasting

Last night we had a fab night wine tasting from a local organic vineyard owner – it was so much fun and really interesting for geeks like us. The owner and his wife, Eric and Petra Sage were so entertaining and the wine was so good too! They have been there for 2 years and their harvest is totally produced without chemicals and they even have a horse and cart to do the mechanical work. They do all the weeding by hand and it takes a month instead of two days on a commercial vineyard – that is dedication. Their yield is about a third of a commercial non organic vineyard but they are totally committed to bringing a better higher quality character to wine making. They were both an inspiration and it was such a treat to see people so immersed in a sustainable life and business – I may have bought a couple of extra bottles to bring home 😊all in the purpose of supporting the local economy of course.

To find out more about Eric Sage – https://www.facebook.com/ericsage.vigneron


Eric and Petra Sage with their lovely wine!

The fox has been at the chickens

Whilst here on our hols we had a sad message from our egg supplier (Warleigh Barton Farm) saying a fox had eaten some of the chickens and the ones who had survived were in shock and had stopped laying. The farmer was very apologetic and we felt bad for him as this is part of his livelihood. It made us realise how much local farmers can suffer from things outside their control to bring us our produce.

Local producers like the vineyard owner and our egg farmer are real heroes – they are putting our environment ahead of their wealth. We are learning valuable life lessons through this year and this is one of them – lets measure our wealth in a different way – now is not the time to store up treasures on earth at the expense of the next generation.


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