Holidays, Sustainability and Blackpool Pleasure Beach

When we started our year of living sustainably we had visions of our summer holiday being very environmentally friendly perhaps camping in a yurt and swimming in a nearby river, nutritious meals cooked on an open fire with foraged food from the forest……you get the picture! As with all of life there is compromise so we had to consider the school holiday timings, family dynamics, entertainment and price so we ended up in a caravan on a Haven Holiday site in Blackpool! See our caravan below:


Jane is from Blackpool originally so it was a good way of catching up with her family and friends as well as having a holiday. We packed a lot into our week like going up Blackpool Tower, the circus and the dungeon. We did make some effort to be sustainable but after the last few months of redundancy and kitchen rennovation our brains were fried. We could only just about plan an hour ahead never mind being prepared enough to take our water bottles, reusuable coffee mug and bags for life when we went out!!

The hardest thing was the rubbish disposal on the Haven site. All of the waste went into one waste bin – pictured below. We asked the site staff about recycling and they said Biffa separate out the waste from each bin and recycle this way. We were quite surprised as our limited knowledge suggests that firstly this would be difficult due to contamination and secondly much more expensive. It was really hard to put our waste in this bin all mixed together – I think we are all now hard wired to separate waste at source so it did seem to go against the grain. wheelie-bin-1100-black-600x600

Also on our holiday we found the most unsustainable tourist attraction ever – Blackpool Pleasure Beach! The children really wanted to go and had a fab day but with our sustainable set of eyes we saw things very differently. There seemed to be no recycling facilities AT ALL (bin pictured), no comprehension of trying to rethink plastic packaging (candy floss in buckets), disposal plastic macs – designed for single use on a wet ride, no facilities to refill water bottles, no evidence of using renewable energy to power the rides and total disregard for environment around the park. We have put some pictures below and we will be writing a letter! We will let you know the outcome 🙂

Despite all of this we had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed our holiday!

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