Kent and clothes shopping

Well what a fantastic summer – we have had a ball!! Perhaps not the most sustainable holidays ever but we spent the time with our amazing friends and family and giving and receiving a lot of love -ahhh!

Our most recent trip to Kent was great and we stayed in the middle of nowhere of a pheasant farm. We had to drive to get anywhere however the local pub was 0.7 miles away so it was walkable. On our way back one night we picked up all the plastic rubbish from the roadside and promptly forgot about it until we woke up with a slight hangover and a picnic bag full of dirty rubbish! Also in Kent they do kerbside food waste – yippee! I got a rather strange look from the resident of the house when I was taking a photo of their food recycling bin.

The challenge of clothes shopping

One of the things we did whilst in Kent was do some clothes shopping – shock, horror! When we started this year I merrily said we would buy all our clothes from charity shops however the reality of this is harder than it would seem. Mark was very resistant to getting second hand shirts and I must admit I really struggled to find decent work trousers and shorts so not to be beaten I did buy some “sustainable” shorts from Marks and Spencer and bamboo socks. After much discussion we decided to go to the Ashford Designer outlet and I have got to say – it was amazing!! Mark bought some really high quality shirts from TM Lewin and Jaeger and I bought some expensive trousers from Jaeger as well.

So our rationale for this decision was that buying higher quality items would give it a longer lifespan and therefore reduce the need to keep buying. We also tried to go for items that were easy to mix and match with. I have been reading about a capsule wardrobe where you live with only 36 items in your wardrobe but high quality and only buy / replace one item if you take one away. This a link to one article I read – Capsule wardrobe  – I am not sure about this but it is definitely food for thought and helps you look at style rather than what is just there in the shops.

Anyway after our busy summer we are getting back to real life – Mark started his new job yesterday (in a new shirt!) and Samuel starts in Juniors tomorrow (in new shorts!) and I am back to work in my second hand tops…..

First day in a new job!
Ashford designer retail of 200 shops

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