Hitting a wall

We are now almost at the end of our 9 month of our year of living sustainably and to be honest we have hit a bit of a brick wall. Mark is now happily back in work in a fab job at a local Schools Academy Trust, Samuel is now in juniors and I am back at work after a lot of part time hours over the summer. So really all is going well but in terms of sustainability we have been stuck. We started getting the veg box again but I was just fed up with getting loads of veg I had no idea what to do with and I was finding I was wasting some of it – I felt really bad about this! So we looked around and we have found a different supplier to try and we got the first box today – £35 for everything pictured with Samuel and Mark – all organic too! We now have a lot of fruit to get through!


Also at work we have got an electric cargo bike on loan for a couple of months – see pictured. It has been a bit of getting used to as it is really really heavy and everyone stares at you in the high vis gillet and large green signs. It is fab going up the hills of Plymouth and it fits all our kit from work in the front. Yesterday I was whizzing around everywhere and managed to do 21 mph going down Transit Way.


Apart from this we aren’t really doing a lot more and I do wonder whether that is it? It does feel like we could do more but apart from going vegan (not a realistic option) what else can we do? Any ideas? We will try almost anything!



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We live in Plymouth in Devon and this Christmas 2017-8 our family has been watching Blue Planet II endlessly! Our New Year's resolution for 2018 is to take better care of our environment and to live more sustainably. We are using a blog to remember our journey and maybe share with others what we have learnt along the way.

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  1. Hi there. I hit a wall after about 9 months too so i pulled back and just kept the things i could stick with. I gave up veg boxes and buy loose organic veg in my local greengrocer. I am able to buy most of our store cupboard ingredients package free but not in the local supermarkets so I stock up once a month, which cuts down on trips to the shop. Meat I buy package-free at the farmers market once a month and freeze, bread I buy packaged-free once a week and freeze and then I just have to buy veg, milk and deli meat locally twice a week.

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