A sustainable Christmas

So coming up is the most expensive, stressful and indulgent time of year – you guessed it Christmas! I am not a great lover of Christmas however Mark and Samuel still believes in Father Christmas so I have no escape. These are some of the things we will be trying to do to be as sustainable as possible this year:

Christmas tree and decorations

We always have a debate every year about whether to buy a fake one (Jane) in the sales or get a real one (Mark). After some research it seems going for the real thing is the most sustainable thing to do as Christmas trees are crops whereas you have to use the same fake tree for 20 years to realise any environmental saving. The advice (apparently!) is to make sure you are getting a locally sourced one that complies with FSC standards – here is a good article – Eco Guide to Christmas trees

We are just looking at where to go to cut down our tree this weekend – Ashburton Christmas Tree farm seems a good bet at the mo but I would welcome any other suggestions.  Xmas tree

We won’t be getting any new decorations this year – we will just keep reusing the ones from the last ten years!

Christmas presents 

We are trying to do a combination of experience presents, edible (sustainably sourced) and second hand items. Samuel wants a guitar because he claims he is really really  into guitar and wants lessons – I managed to find a fab second hand one on Gumtree and when I went round to collect we found out we already knew each other from church – Plymouth really is a village. I have found a lovely earring company called Scatty Bun who makes earrings out of vintage biscuits tins (present for me obviously!) and found another company that makes pictures from waste collected from the beach.

It is fun trying to think of presents and it is always good to be mindful of how much we already have.

Christmas food 

We are at my brothers for Xmas this year and he has had a PHD in Environmental Science and works for the National Farmers Union so I think it is fair to say I don’t need to worry too much about making sure the food is sustainably and locally sourced – he also gets a side of salmon from the River Tweed from a FRIEND!! Result!

Christmas parties

In our drive to reuse we have decided to have a New Year’s Eve party and ask everyone to bring their leftovers – we are hoping not to get poisoned and we are looking forward to some strange concoctions – if anyone turns up that is!!

Looking forward (ish) to Christmas and hoping you all are getting excited too!

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We live in Plymouth in Devon and this Christmas 2017-8 our family has been watching Blue Planet II endlessly! Our New Year's resolution for 2018 is to take better care of our environment and to live more sustainably. We are using a blog to remember our journey and maybe share with others what we have learnt along the way.

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  1. So I believe your brother lives near Edinburgh, are you driving up or catching a train to be more sustainable or even cycling lol

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