Well it has been a while since our last post. It has bee rather hectic. Firstly Mark finished work and focused on the kitchen. We looked at what we could do =to be reasonably sustainable during this project, although, having building works to open up the end wall and installing patio doors to buying an entire need kitchen, was not easy. We did however manage to free cycle various items, the kitchen cupboards we have already blogged about. The fridge freezer has gone to a new home and we reused the washing machine and dishwasher or so we thought, more … Continue reading Kitchen

Bye bye wormery – hello petition

The wormery is no longer however I did find one lucky surviving worm who has been rehomed next to the wisteria. We are not beaten though! The reason we had to buy a wormery is that our local council in Plymouth doesn’t collect food waste. Every other council in Devon does so why aren’t we? So we have set up a petition to ask the Council to get on it! In the recent local elections the Labour party came back into power and as part of their manifesto they promised to trial food waste collections and home composting. Our aim to … Continue reading Bye bye wormery – hello petition

Feeling grey….

Have you ever noticed that when you are on holiday the light is different and it shows up the wrinkles and grey hair more – I have this feeling in triplicate at the moment here in France. My grey hair is really showing through now and I feel sooooo ugly! I am finding I am avoiding my reflection as I look so bad – I kid you not! Rationally I know it is ridiculous but this is the reality of letting the grey grow out – it is really hard. My lovely friend, Vicki (who we are on holiday with), … Continue reading Feeling grey….

Vive la France!

As dedicated sustainability bloggers holidays don’t stop our drive to be more eco friendly….. or so we thought. Being in a foreign country in a caravan we cannot be quite as prepared as at home, then we quite frankly completely forget – well we are after all on holiday – takeaway cups, plastic straws and supermarket bags abound! However all is not lost as the French have made it much easier for us – public recycling bins on every street corner, compostible bags for the fruit and veg in the supermarket, 100% recycled shopping bags “sac vert” and reusable cups on … Continue reading Vive la France!