The beginning of our journey

We are almost a week into 2018 and our new resolution of living more sustainably as a family. Following the series of Blue Planet II and a recent visit to the aquarium we calculate our carbon footprint on the World Wildlife Fund website.

Our carbon footprint was 95% of our share – I think this means we are using almost all of “share”. I was slightly perturbed as I felt we were really good – we recycle, have a hybrid car, walk lots (maybe?!). So I posted on Facebook and some of friends and family posted their scores which were a lot lower – yikes! I must do better me thinks!

So this is how our New Year’s resolution started…..I want to reduce my carbon footprint to 75% at least within a year. Our first changes are change our energy supplier to a 100% green supplier, buy more food from local sources, don’t buy anything new – second hand only (underwear excluded of course!) and don’t use the car as much. Seems simple right – lets hope so….

Watch this space to see how we get on!