A sustainable Christmas

So coming up is the most expensive, stressful and indulgent time of year – you guessed it Christmas! I am not a great lover of Christmas however Mark and Samuel still believes in Father Christmas so I have no escape. These are some of the things we will be trying to do to be as sustainable as possible this year: Christmas tree and decorations We always have a debate every year about whether to buy a fake one (Jane) in the sales or get a real one (Mark). After some research it seems going for the real thing is the … Continue reading A sustainable Christmas

Sustainable Swaps

Throughout the last ten months we have been looking at ways to swap our everyday items for something more sustainable so this is a glimpse into what we have changed and what we haven’t! Firstly keeping our bodies clean. We started using soap instead of shower gel and tried to get soap with no packaging on – there is loads out there – this was easy. However the problem we had was storing the soap so it didn’t go mushy. Recently we found a fab soap dish (pictured below) that is perfect and keeps the soap dry and lasting a … Continue reading Sustainable Swaps

Lessons learned from our hols

We are just back after a week’s holiday up North and in Somerset seeing lots of family and we probably had our worst time in terms of sustainability since we started the year. The holiday started off badly with both me and Mark being very under the weather and feeling sorry for ourselves – Samuel was fit and healthy though! On a positive note Mark bought a new reusable coffee cup at Gloucester services but it went downhill from then on. He decided to present the cup to me in the cardboard wrapping, but when asked for the coffee it … Continue reading Lessons learned from our hols

Purrrfect……the cat is living sustainably too!

When doing our carbon footprint score with World Wildlife Fund one of the factors that scored against us was having an animal, in our case Suki the cat. At first, I didn’t really understand why this was the case. However after giving this some thought we realised that we were feeding the cat with unrecycleable Whiskas pouches. I have to mention Suki here, as she is extremely fussy when it comes to food. If we give her anything other than Whiskas wet food in gravy she refuses to eat. The last time we tried this it was 3 days of … Continue reading Purrrfect……the cat is living sustainably too!

Simplest switch ever and saved £257 a year!

It seems the another sustainable thing to do, according to our carbon footprint, is to get a 100% green electricity supplier. I thought I would wait until our Co-op deal ended in May but then I got annoyed as Co-op were advertising £100 off flights to use them! Anyway went on U-Switch and found Bulb – a new start up 100% green energy supplier who would even pay my exit fees. I put in our usage for a year and they quoted £257 cheaper than Co-op – bargain. So far so good – switching this week – let you know … Continue reading Simplest switch ever and saved £257 a year!